A few tips...

for a pleasant stay at Villa die Gans ****

Parking spaces

For practical reasons the white barriers remain closed. Three parking spaces are available along the road between the two white barriers.
If you need more space, the school car park (opposite the house) is also available.
Please do not park in front of the white gates or on the grass.


Please use the games carefully. Access to the playground is under your own responsibility. The tenant is entirely responsible for any damage or injury. The owner cannot be held responsible. Access to the playground is at your own risk! Do not leave your children unattended.


It is strictly forbidden to move furniture, such as beds, cupboards and tables in the house, as well as to use indoor furniture outside and vice versa. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a fine at the end of the stay.


There are 2 separate bins in the kitchen:
– One for everything that cannot be sorted,
– One for organic compostable waste (fruit, vegetables, food scraps, etc.)
You will find a supply of bin liners in the drawer next to the 2 bins.
Metal and cardboard cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, paper and cardboard can be sorted for recycling. However, they must be empty and clean, if not, please clean them or put them in the bin with anything else that cannot be sorted.
There is a rubbish bin outside the house (wooden door in the garden in front of the kitchen). It is always open. You can put your filled garbage bags there and sort your recyclable waste. You will find transparent plastic bags and containers in order to be able to sort properly.
If the sorting is not done properly, a fine of €50 will be deducted from your rental deposit.
Glass bottles can be put directly into the glass bubbles behind the school in front of the house.


We have opted for an ecological and economical heating system. It is an aerothermal heat pump powered by photovoltaic panels. This system does not use any fuel, but only the heat in the outside air and a little electricity.
On the ground floor, all rooms are heated by the floor. The temperature can be selected individually in each zone.
On the first floor, as well as on the floor, the heating is done by radiators. You will find a thermostat on each radiator.
In the veranda and living room there is also an independent system in addition to the radiator. This is a reversible air conditioner (air/air heat pump). To switch it on, use the white remote control and wait 5 minutes before it heats or cools depending on the selected operating mode.
In the living room there is a gas fireplace, which is switched on by pressing the two upper buttons simultaneously, face to face. Its operation is only possible when the outside temperature is cool.
For the towel dryer in the sauna room, there are two thermostats, one on the radiator (hot water) and one remote (electric backup).


A centralised mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery has been installed. This system brings in fresh air from outside at all times. If the temperature of this air is below 20°C, the air is preheated by an electric heater.
Please make sure that the bathrooms and the sauna room are well ventilated after each use.

Photovoltaic panels

You benefit from the electricity production of the photovoltaic system free of charge. In the event of negative consumption due to the meter running backwards, no refund will be made.

Satellite TV / radio

Not all programmes work all the time, this is normal. Most of them work. We opted for a Proximus subscription.
To watch a DVD, use the TV/AV button to get the right picture.
If you use your game consoles, please make sure you put the cables back in place when you leave so that the next tenants do not have the unpleasant surprise of not having the image or sound.

Home Cinema

Use the remote control, or directly on the unit, to select the desired operating mode.
Press ‘TV/Sat’ to listen to TV/radio (via satellite).
Press ‘DVD’ to play a DVD.
Press ‘Tuner’ to listen to the radio, without using the satellite.


Access is free with moderate use. In case of excessive use, you will be charged the market price for the downloaded volumes. You can connect your computer directly to the modem using the yellow cable provided, or via the WIFI-Villa/Die/Gans, code VillaDieGans18.
To switch the modem on and off, simply press the ON/OFF button on the device in the living room.


The sauna is free to use.
Please do not pour more than 2-3 ladles of water on the stones, so as not to cause any electrical problems. If the fuses blow, you could be left without electricity in the whole house. The electrical panel is located in the technical room, which is locked.
Please keep the sauna heater warm for about 15 minutes after use, so that the sauna cabin is dry after the session.


In summer we are “invaded” by flies. This is due to the neighbouring farms. We have already taken several steps to limit the inconvenience and increase your comfort, but please make sure to close the doors and windows, at least when it is dark outside and the lights are on inside the house.

Fryer grease and oil

NEVER pour grease or oil down the sink, or even down the drain at the road. Any breach of this rule will cost you the sum of about €600 for unblocking. If you do not have a container to store used oil and grease, ask us, we will provide you with one!


The cooker is induction, not all pans work with this system. The ones in the house are perfectly suitable


Please do not throw sanitary towels or tampons into the toilet bowl.


Pets are not allowed in the house. Fine per undeclared pet: 20€/night.


The barbecue must be cleaned after each use. You can put the cold ashes in the compost bags.

Bicycle room

Bicycles can be stored in the room next to the house (garage door in the garden).


For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to use fireworks (thatched roof of the neighbouring house).


Out of respect for your neighbours, we ask you not to make any noise after 22.00.

Before you leave

Out of respect for the next tenants, we ask you to leave the house in the same condition as you found it on arrival.
Please also: empty all bins, turn off all radiators, close all windows and unmake any beds that have been used and put any dirty sheets in the pool room.
If you have encountered any problems or damage during your stay, please let us know so that we can rectify it as soon as possible.

If we have forgotten something in the house, or if you have any suggestions to improve your comfort, please let us know, we will do our best to satisfy you!

We wish you a pleasant stay!

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